0、Often success is depended on whether you can get up the courage to fight fear. 很多时候,成功与否取决于你是否能鼓足勇气去战胜恐惧。

1、In fact, if I close my eyes,I can still see you there just standing in the dawn light. 只要我闭上眼睛,就仿佛还能看到你站在那里,沐浴着黎明的曙光。

2、We shall defend ourselves to the last breath of man and beast. (william ii, king of england) 只要一息尚存,我们就要为保卫自己而战。(英国皇帝 威廉二世)

3、Gods determine what you're going to be.人生的奋斗目标决定你将成为怎样的人。—— Julius Erving 欧文

4、Had a dream I was king, I woke up, still king… 做了一个梦,梦里的我是王者。梦醒过后,我仍然是王者。

5、One may fall in love with many people during the lifetime. when you finally get your own happiness, you will understand the previous sadness is kind of treasure, which makes you better to hold and cherishthe people you love.  一个人一生可以爱上很多的人,等你获得真正属于你的幸福之后,你就会明白一起的伤痛其实是一种财富,它让你学会更好地去把握和珍惜你爱的人。

6、Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. (Alexander Dumas, Davy de La Pailleterie, French Writer) 生活没有目标就像航海没有指南针。(法国作家 大仲马. A.)

7、Too fond of the right to pursue the expedient. (Oliver Goldsimith, British poet) 过分喜欢权力就会不择手段。(英国诗人 哥尔德斯密斯.O.)

8、Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation. (john kennedy, american president) 从希望中得到欢乐,在苦难中保持坚韧。(美国总统 肯尼迪 j)

9、Wisdom is more precious than wealth. 智慧比财富更宝贵。

10、I love those random memories that make me smile no matter what is going on in my life right now.不管我现在的生活是什么样,我还是爱着那些偶尔让我微笑的回忆。

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11、Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven. 与其在天堂为仆,不如在地狱为主。

12、TAll mankind are beholden to him that is kind to the good. 行善者,人人铭记之。

13、Live beautifully,dream passionately,love completely.活要活得美好,梦要梦得热烈,爱要爱得完整。

14、But not all dark places need light, I have to remember that. 但并不是所有黑暗的地方都需要光明,我必须记住这一点。——珍妮特·温特森《橘子不是唯一的水果》

15、Towering genius disdains a beaten path. it seeks regions hitherto unexplored. ( lincoln )卓越的天才不屑走旁人走过的路,他寻找迄今未开拓的地区。(林肯)

16、We need in politics man who have something to give, not men who have something to get. (Bernard Baruch, Averican economist) 在政治中我们需要能有所奉献的人,而不是想有所收获的人。(美国经济学家 巴鲁克.B.)

17、Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen.

18、Patience! the windmill never strays in search of the wind. ( andy j. sklivis ) 耐心等待!风车从不跑去找风。(斯克利维斯)

19、One of the most striking and salutary thing in Ameican life is the widespread study of law. (Alexis de Tocqueville ,French judge) 美国人生活中最显著而又有益的事情莫过于对法律的广泛研究了。(法国法官托克维尔 A)